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Whoo Am I final image.jpg

Whoo Am I


Size: 1920 x 1080

Duration: 9:22

Year: 2020

Desire arises in my queer body from time to time, whether it is me bounded in gender binary or as free as water. It flows to every corner of my body with gender fluidity, I try to visualize my desire and materialize it into the fruit which has gender characteristics of the gender binary. These unique fruits born in my queer body which is gender fluidity, it is delicious, sweet, bitter, and I long for it. I use three chapters to show my exploration of my own gender identity. This video is like my monologue diary, and It shows memories, fantasies, and reality presenting my queer body's desire and physical and psychological feelings in daily life.


"Hoo" means her and feminine in middle English. I made a new word "Whoo", which is a combination of "who" and "hoo" and pronounces as "who". In Mandarin, "Who" pronounces as "Shui", which resembles the pronunciation of "water". So, "Whoo", for me, represents the fluidity of my queer identity - I also have a feminine personality residing within my male body. My gender is fluid as water and flows between male and female. I question myself: Who am I? Am I he, his, hoo, shoo, she, her, they, or their? "Whoo Am I?", I am whoo. I am water.

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