“I'm nobody”


In 1995, I was born into a body with male organs unpredictably. While the age met puberty, my sexual awareness started against personal appearance. It seemed the unwillingness of mine had not served the term of the physiological gender, receiving from society. As a genderfluid queer, I try to live in harmony with multiple identities and seek a free and diversified lifestyle, stimulating my passion for artistic creation. Simultaneously, some chronic conditions had accompanied the start of adulthood, which encouraged my increasing interest in desire-lead human needs. Besides exploring my own gender identity and desires in queer's body, I also experienced social depression and psychological trauma.


My works involve performance art, moving images, painting, ceramics, and installations. Considering the human form as the universal language, I often use it to compose the layers of the genderfluid complex in visual. In live art, the interaction between the audience and the artist is essential for me. I call it 'The Soft Approach,' which creates a proximal relationship between inner and outer communication. My performance media also include experimental writing, poetry, and theatre. I try to use different performance forms to increase the possibility and interactivity. Also, the all accidental element within the live art reminds the living evidence of my performance.


The future of life remains unconditional, either unpredictable. While the past was only, I committed each trace of existence, and every string of memory transforming into a unique language and being as a storyteller, absorbing and delivering the perception of life which can make people empathize with me.